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Playlist 22/03/2014

The soundtrack to a piece I’ve just written about body image bs…


“It’s UGLY”


Hole – Doll Parts

Sleater-Kinney – I’m Not Waiting & Youth Decay

No Doubt – Beauty Contest

The Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom

Pearl Jam – Satan’s Bed

Soundgarden – Ugly Truth

Hole – Pretty on the Inside/Clouds


08/03/2014 playlist


Hole – She Walks On Me

Savages – Husbands

Sonic Youth – Kool Thing

Soundgarden – Rowing

Pearl Jam w/ Sleater-Kinney & REM – Rockin’ in the Free World


Re-thinking – Wo/men in metal

“metal music as a whole is not solely organised around hegemonic masculinity at the exclusion (or reluctance) of female participation but… gender performances within metal music are context, thus sub-genre, specific… normative and fluid gender performances are simultaneously embodied and challenged within sludge metal.” Laura Wright

 “Heavy metal has long had a reputation for being sexist; but how realistic is this discourse? […] what heavy metal… provides is a cultural site where women can be empowered, not in the narrow neoliberal sexualised sense… but… from their experiences as fans… Metal provides a site where gender norms are so subverted to the extent that current socially constructed gender norms can be negotiated, challenged and reconstituted.” Heather Savigny

Metal and Marginalisation @ the Centre for Women’s Studies and the International Society of Metal Music Scholars, University of York

Woolf (again)

“He took his way languidly along the river embankment… He felt himself now, as he had often fancied other people, adrift on the stream, and far removed from control of it, a man with no grasp upon circumstances any longer… he felt… a mingling of envy and hatred towards those who passed quickly and certainly to a goal of their own…

“… For the time being all bright points in his life were blotted out, all prominences levelled… He… looked into the river, whose swift race of dun-coloured waters seemed the very spirit of futility and oblivion…

“… he blamed nothing, nobody; he saw the truth. He saw the dun-coloured race of waters and the blank shore. But life is vigorous; the body lives, and the body, no doubt, dictated the reflection, which now urged him to movement, that one may cast away the forms of human beings, and yet retain the passion which seemed inseparable from their existence in the flesh. Now this passion burnt on his horizon… His eyes were set on something infinitely far and remote; by that light he felt he could walk, and would, in future, have to find his way. But that was all there was left to him of a populous and teeming world.”

from Night & Day

Musical note

01/12/2013 playlist


Mark Lanegan Band – Deep Black Vanishing Train

Eleven – Howling Book

Radiohead – How To Disappear Completely

Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan

Pearl Jam – Pendulum


“And that great wound, Squandering red, From the flayed side”

QOTSA – I Appear Missing


Sylvia Plath – Street Song

By a mad miracle I go intact
Among the common rout
Thronging sidewalk, street,
And bickering shops;
Nobody blinks a lid, gapes,
Or cries that this raw flesh
Reeks of the butcher’s cleaver,
Its heart and guts hung hooked
And bloodied as a cow’s split frame
Parceled out by white-jacketed assassins.

Oh no, for I strut it clever
As a greenly escaped idiot,
Buying wine, bread,
Yellow-casqued chrysanthemums -
Arming myself with the most reasonable items
To ward off, at all cost, suspicions
Roused by thorned hands, feet, head
And that great wound
Squandering red
From the flayed side.

Even as my each mangled nerve-end
Trills its hurt out
Above pitch of pedestrian ear,
So, perhaps I, knelled dumb by your absence,
Alone can hear
Sun’s parched scream,
Every downfall and crash
Of gutted star,
And, more daft than any goose,
This cracked world’s incessant gabble and hiss.

“How did it get so late?”

Chris Cornell – Disappearing Act

Musical notes (7)

Something like… pressed up against glass, faces wailing, melting like wax, in some deep dark down below… then harmonied moans of he-spirits enter… all which warp her right.

Alice in Chains – Phantom Limb

Musical notes (6)

Ukulele lush <3

Eddie Vedder – Broken Heart


Alain Johannes – Speechless

Musical notes (5)

Monsters spin decks                        under the sea


Neurosis – Through Silver in Blood


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